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Kdrama Couple: Lee Bum Soo and Lee Yoon Jin

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 05, 2013 01:30 PM EDT


It was only natural that actor Lee Bum Soo and his wife Lee Yoon Jin would be invited to the wedding of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung.

When the couple married in 2010, Lee Byung Hun was their emcee. So Lee Bum Soo returned the favor. He and Shin Dong Yup served as emcees for Lee Byung Hun's wedding.

Lee Bum Soo, who played a North Korean spy in "Iris 2" and appeared in "Giant," "History of a Salaryman," and "Dr. Jin," met Lee Yoon Jin when she became his English teacher. Lee Yoon Jin is a columnist, translator, and the English teacher who helped singer and actor Rain brush up his English skills.

The couple married at the W Hotel. She was 27 and he was 40. It was the first wedding for Lee Yoon Jin but the second for Lee Bum Soo. Five months before marrying Yoon Jin, he divorced his first wife, Park So Yoon.

Shortly after the May ceremony, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

"I was very happy when I heard because I wanted a honeymoon baby," said Lee Bum Soo. "When my wife told me she was expecting, I was on cloud nine."

Lee Yoon Jin wrote about the couple's home life and her thoughts about motherhood online, posting a picture of a one-year-old Lee Bum Soo.

"Baby Bum Soo was a real hunk," she wrote next to his baby picture. "Had to post this while going through his albums because they were just too cute."

Their baby girl was born in March 2011.

Now the couple is expecting again. Lee Yoon Jin is about four months pregnant, so the baby is expected early next year.

Being a father has prompted the actor to focus more on health issues that affect children.

Lee Bum Soo, who studied theater at Chung-ang University, is now teaching at Korea University. He directed a low-budget short film that stars the students he teaches. The film is part of a no-smoking campaign. His film, "The Puppet," talks specifically about women and underage smokers and whether cigarette marketers should be allowed to target such audiences. In the film a young person begins smoking and becomes addicted.

"I compared addicted smokers to puppets in my title," said Lee, who serves as an honorary ambassador to the no-smoking campaign.

 The film can be seen at the Ministry of Health and Welfare website or on Youtube

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