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'Oh My Venus' Releases Suggestive Trailer

BY Julie Jones | Nov 04, 2015 08:30 AM EST


Teasers for dramas are supposed to get viewers excited for the drama to come. And the new teaser for “Oh My Venus” will probably do just that.

The KBS drama released a romantic teaser showing the drama’s two stars playing around on a bed, which pretty much assumes the two characters will wind up on one.

In the teaser Shin Min Ah’s character reclines on the bed and So Ji Sub’s character comes closer. At first she seems to welcome his embrace but then she uses the strength in her legs and arms to pin him down.

After that he says “a drama you can’t excape is coming on November 6.”

Fans did not need to be convinced that there is chemistry between these two stars who appeared together in a series of memorable Giordano ads. Maybe the trailer was referring to the fact that So Ji Sub plays a trainer in this drama. He trains Shin Min Ah’s character to get in such good shape she could overpower him.

Shin Min Ah plays Kang Joo Eun, a 33-year-old woman who attempts to embrace fitness and a healthier lifestyle, in the midst of her busy career as a lawyer. So Ji Sub is Kim Young Ho, an acclaimed Hollywood personal trainer, whose personality clashes with Joo Eun, as he attempts to whip her into shape.

Joo Eun character is inspired to get in shape when she sees how it changed the life of her best friend and fellow lawyer, played by Yoo In Young.

So Ji Sub’s fans are already excited that he will make a comeback to the small screen as his last drama was the 2013 Hong Sisters hit “The Master’s Sun” with co-star Gong Hyo Jin. He has been focused on his music since then, releasing the song So Ganzi in July of 2015. His song was a collaboration with the hip hop group Soul Dive.

Shin Min Ah was last seen on the small screen in “Arang and the Magistrate” in 2012. She has appeared in three films since then, “The X,” “Gyeongju” and “My Love, My Bride.”

What do you think about this trailer?

The drama premieres on November 16 after the finale of “Cheeky A Go Go.”

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