'Scandal' Park Sang Min Takes Out Sword for Revenge Against Shin Eun Kyung

Park Sang Min
Shin Eun Kyung

"Scandal" Park Sang Min plans for a way to take revenge on Shin Eun Kyung.

September 8, and episode of the MBC weekend drama "Scandal" featured Jang Tae Ha (Park Sang Min) planning a way to take revenge against Yoon Hwa Young (Shin Eun Kyung) by making a special request to her doctor.

Jang Tae Ha asks Yoon Hwa Young's doctor about the medicine she is taking and then tells him to mix the medicine with something else.

The doctor hears the name of the medicine Jang Tae Ha wants him to mix and says in shock, "That medicine is known to cause schizophrenia. The mind will become hazy and the tongue will begin to harden."

However, Jang Tae Ha replies, "How much will it take me to buy you? I know that you have a lot of loans? If you do it I'll give you the $1.8 million plus an additional $2 million."

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