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In "Marriage Blue" Taecyeon Faces Another Love Triangle

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 16, 2013 12:24 PM EDT


As an actor, Taecyeon knows all about love triangles. In the drama "Who are You?" his competition is a ghost, played by Kim Jae Wook. In his new film, "Marriage Blue," the competition arrives just one surprising week before he is due to get married.

In “Marriage Blue,” 2PM’s Taecyeon plays Won Chul, a chef. He is one of eight characters that the film plot follows in the final nerve-wracking week before they tie the knot.

Won Chul is engaged to Sumi, played by Lee Yeon Hee, who recently appeared in “Gu Family Book.” Won Chul and Sumi have been dating for seven years and they have settled into a comfortable life together. It just seemed logical that they would eventually get married. But their comfortable life has become boring and their relationship is no longer as passionate. Sometimes the logical thing to do is not really so logical after all.

The week before a wedding can be a tricky one. That’s when many engaged couples start to second-guess the decision to marry or wonder if they really like the person they are marrying. Combine those cold feet with hectic wedding preparations and last minute confessions and it can be a dangerous week for even the most committed relationship. Sometimes it’s just a case of nerves that makes you question your love. But sometimes the approaching date is a wake-up call.
Sumi, a nail artist, was just going to get married anyway, despite the lack of passion in her relationship but then she travels to Jeju Island to take part in a nail art competition. On the island she meets Kyung Soo, a webtoon artist, played by Joo Ji Hoon, who played the crown prince in “Princess Hours.” They don’t get along to start with but she can’t deny that she feels something for him and it’s more than she’s currently feeling for her fiancée.
Will she leave Taecyeon for Joo Ji Hoon? Or will the webtoon artist inspire her to return to her relationship and try to make things work?
You can make a more educated guess by checking out the trailer below.
There are three more couples in the film. Tae Kyu, an ex-baseball player, played by Kim Kang Woo is engaged to urologist Joo Young, played by Kim Hyo Jin. Gun Ho, a florist, played by Ma Dong Seok, loves Vika, a woman from Uzbekistan, played by Guzal Tursunova. Dae Bok, a hospital administrator, played by Lee Hee Joon is dating Yi Ra, a wedding planner, played by Koh Joon Hee.

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