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Will Kang So Ra And Rain Team Up For A Fantasy Romance?

BY Julie Jones | Nov 13, 2015 08:42 AM EST


Various Korean media outlets reported that Kang So Ra and Rain are either considering or committed to roles in an upcoming drama titled "Hello My Precious Person."

On November 13, both stars' agencies told the Korean media outlet Newsen that the actors were only considering the roles.

Kang So Ra's agency, Will Entertainment, said that she received an offer to appear in the drama and was reviewing it.

"Nothing has been decided yet."

Rain's agency, Rain Company, also said he has not yet made a decision.

"It's one of many offers he's received so he hasn't confirmed his appearance yet. For now he will focus on his world tour and make a decision when the drama is organized."

If they do take the roles, it will be the first time these stars are paired in a drama, but it's not the first time drama producers considered pairing them. Rain and Kang So Ra were both up for the roles eventually taken by Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won in "The Time I Didn't Love You, 7,000 Days."

The story of "Hello, My Precious Person" is based on a Japanese novel titled 'Seven Days of Manager Tsubakiyama." It's about a middle-aged businessman who dies but begs to be given another chance to live because he has work to do. He gets his wish to live a few more days but he must do so in the body of a beautiful woman. He has only days to adjust to a new gender and take care of his urgent business.

Is it the body of Kang So Ra's character that he will inhabit? That should be interesting.

Shin Yun Seob, who directed the dramas "Ugly Alert" and "Rooftop Prince," will direct the drama. No Hye Young, who wrote the screenplays for the films "Singles" and "200 Pound Beauty" is adapting the novel into a drama.

Kang So Ra's last small screen appearance was in the romantic comedy "Warm and Cozy" with co-star Yoo Yeon Suk. Rain was last seen in the drama "My Lovable Girl" with co-star Krystal Jung of f(x).

"Hello, My Precious Person" is expected to air in the spring of 2016.

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