‘Infinite Challenge’ Jung Hyung Don Had High Stress Level


The MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' member Jung Hyung Don indefinitely stopped filming new episodes, citing health issues.

On the Nov. 14, 2015, episode of the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge,' the Infinite Challenge members introduced themselves without Jung Hyung Don, delivered the sad news that member Jung Hyung Don will stop appearing on the show indefinitely as an 'Infinite Challenge' member and wished for his recovery.

While Jung Hyung Don's resignation from six TV shows is surprising the Korean fans, Jung Hyung Don on a previous episode of the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' was selected as the "most stressed out 'Infinite Challenge' member." A psychiatrist said on the episode, "Jung Hyung Don stomps his feet in the opening of the show. This signals a stressed and anxious state." In addition, Jung Hyung Don shared on the SBS talk show 'Healing Camp' in August about his anxiety issues. He said on the show, "I am afraid of people. I think that this job (comedian) makes me feel afraid of people," and added that he is taking medication for anxiety disorder. In related news, the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' is one of the popular, long lasting entertainment programs in Korea. It features the Infinite Challenge members Ha Ha, Park Myung Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, and Jung Hyung Don. 

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