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Choi Woo Sik Wins Best New Actor Award

BY Julie Jones | Nov 17, 2015 12:05 PM EST


Choi Woo Sik could still be considered a rookie actor. The 25-year-old made his debut in 2011, in the historical drama "The Duo."

He lived with his family in Canada but they gave him permission to return to Korea to audition for a drama he saw advertised online. He was only a junior in college.

"I do not think my family actually thought that I was going to become an actor," he said in an interview with Asia Today.

He has done okay since then and on November 16 he won the Best New Actor award at the 35th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for his role in the film "Set Me Free." It's the second time he won an award for that film role, previously earning the Actor of the Year Award at the 19th Busan International Film Festival. The awards were presented at the Korea Press Center.

"I'm thankful and thrilled to receive such a big award for my first leading role," said Choi at the event. "I'd like to thank the director who made it possible for me to stand right here. I'll try harder to show an even better performance in the future."

In the indie film "Set Me Free" he plays a young man who was raised in a group home, left there by his irresponsible father. At 16 he is too old to stay there so he lies and says he wants to study for the priesthood when he does not actually believe in God. He continues a secret  life of petty crime until his deadbeat dad drops his younger brother off at the home. Then he gets mad and decides to change his life.

Choi has tried a range of roles in the last few years. He was Park Yoo Chun's follower in "Rooftop Prince." He played Jang Hyuk's fake half brother in "Fated To Love You." And he played a not so foolish Ho Gu in the romantic comedy "Ho Gu's Love" with co-star Uee.

Choi also finished filming "Busan Bound" a thriller in which a mutant virus terrorizes the nation. His next film will be "Marital Harmony," with co-stars Lee Seung Gi and Sim Eun Kyung.

The young actor was one of several winners at the film critics' awards. Jung Jae Young won Best Actor for his role in the film "Right Now, Wrong Then," and Kim Hye Soo played a crime boss in the in "Coin Locker Girl.""The Throne" won best film and Ryu Seung Won best director for "Veteran." Kwon So Hyun, who appeared in "Madonna," won best new actor and actress.

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