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"Medical Top Team" Trailer Offers Plenty Of Action

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 23, 2013 12:31 PM EDT


If watching handsome doctors encounter life-and-death medical emergencies is just the kind of adrenaline-charged entertainment you crave, the upcoming drama “Medical Top Team” may be just what the doctor ordered.
The new trailer for this medical drama shows that “Medical Top Team” will have plenty of both. The upcoming drama will focus on a team of top doctors with various specialties. But at the same time as they are working together to cure patients, they are also in competition for better hospital positions. A power struggle takes place at the hospital, which has the potential to interfere with the hospital’s real mission: saving lives.
The drama has a promising and photogenic cast with Kwon Sang Woo, who previously appeared in “Queen of Ambition” and “Dae Mul,” playing the kind but misunderstood genius surgeon Dr. Park Tae Shin.
Jung Ryu Won, who played the girl that stole Hyun Bin from Kim Sun Ah in "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon," will play Seo Joo Yung, a charming but perfectionist workaholic cardiothoracic doctor.
SHINee’s Minho plays Kim Sung Woo, a third year resident in the thoracic surgery department. Also on the team is actor Ju Ji Hoon, who played the crown prince in "Princess Hours. He will play Hang Seung Jae, a well-known internist, who is secretly ambitious and ruthless. It will be his first medical drama. His last role was in the film "I Am A King."
Actress Oh Yeon So will also play her first medical role in the drama. The actress who played Bang Mal Sook in "You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly" and Na Jong Goo in "Oh Ja Ryong," will play Choi A Jin, a young thoracic surgeon with only two years of experience.
"I am happy to be working with such a great cast," said Oh Yeon So. "Although I am nervous about it being my first doctor role."
Alex Chu plays a medical imaging specialist, who is popular with patients. Ahn Nae Sang plays the chief of surgery, and Lee Hee Jin plays a surgical nurse.
The cast also includes Kim Young Ae as the hospital’s deputy director and Jo Woo Ri as a nurse.
Kim Do Hoon, who directed "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" is the director. Yoon Kyung Ah, who wrote the drama "Brain," is the writer. The drama began shooting in August and is set to air in October, following "Two Weeks."

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