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Eight K-Drama Actors Who Survived A Scandal

BY Julie Jones | Nov 18, 2015 09:40 AM EST


In "Oh My Venus" So Ji Sub's character leaves the U.S. because of a scandal with a self-indulgent actress. While dating a starlet is not enough to derail a career in the U.S., it's big news back in Korea where he's the son of a prominent family. In real life So Ji Sub was never involved in a scandal.  But at least eight k-drama stars have faced a scandal in their careers and bounced back.

And some of the scandals were more serious than dating a starlet.

Joo Ji Hoon, who recently starred in the melodrama "Mask," had a promising career before his arrest on drug charges in 2009. His acting resume included the dramas "Princess Hours" and "The Devil" as well as the film "Antique Bakery." He pled guilty to using ecstasy and ketamine. He was sentenced to six months of jail time, suspended for one year, and fined. After his probation ended, he enlisted in the Korean Army, then made his comeback with the film "I Am King."

Song Seung Hoon, who will star in the historical drama "Shin Saimdang; The Herstory," had a scandal surrounding his mandatory two-year military duty.  Rumors began to spread that he illegally avoided his military service by pretending that he was sick. He agreed to serve and eventually attained the rank of corporal. Two years after his military duty ended, he took a role in the 2008 drama "East of Eden," following that with the Japanese remake of the film "Ghost."

Jang Hyuk, who plays an innkeeper in "The Merchant Gaek Ju 2015," was accused of taking a drug that rendered him physically unfit for military duty. He apologized publicly and enlisted. The scandal was not good for his career butdid not end it. He made his comeback with the drama "Thank You." And his career is stronger than ever.

Before singer-actress IU got involved in a scandal, she was considered the "nation's little sister." Then IU innocently tweeted a photo of herself with Super Junior member Eunhyuk. The photo looked like they were lying in bed together. IU said they were merely relaxing on her couch and are just friends. But the scandal did affect her career and lost her advertising jobs. However, she eventually bounced back. Her music career is still going strong and she has several dramas to her credit, including "Producer."

Lee Ji Ah, who will appear in the two-episode drama 'Snow Lotus," had to admit to dating "Athena: Goddess of War" co-star Jung Woo Sung when a fan snapped a photo of them on holiday in Paris. Around that time it was also revealed that she had secretly been married to k-pop icon Seo Taiji for nine years and divorced him without anyone knowing. She and Jung Woo Sung broke up because she kept her marriage a secret from him.

Lee Mi Sook, who appears in "The Exclusive" this year, was caught in a scandal involving a younger man. He was said to be 17 years younger than she was and worked as a bar host. It was rumored that she helped him financially while she was still married. Lee Mi Sook's plastic surgeon husband divorced her, but her career survived. She recently appeared in the dramas "Miss Korea" and "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin."

Park Shi Hoo's scandal almost landed him in jail. In 2013 he was accused of raping an aspiring actress but he claimed the sex was consensual. The accusation resulted in a string of lawsuits that were all eventually dropped. He did not work in Korea for two years but in 2015 he is set to return to the small screen in the cable drama "Neighborhood Hero."

Lee Byung Hun was blackmailed by two women who taped an illicit conversation they shared. He reported the blackmail to the police. The resulting publicity revealed more questionable interactions between the newly married actor and one of his blackmailers, model Lee Ji Yeon. Lee's marriage seemed momentarily shaky but recovered. His career never faltered. He appeared in the k-movie "Memories of the Sword," a few Hollywood blockbusters, such as "Terminator Genysis," as well as the films "Beyond Deceit" and "Inside Men."

But then as So Ji Sub's character found out in 'Oh My Venus,' it takes a much bigger scandal to derail your career in the U.S. than it does in Korea.

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