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Kang Dong Won's Comeback Role

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 28, 2013 07:35 AM EDT


Although actor Kang Dong Won was discharged from his two-year compulsory military duty almost a year ago fans had to wait until now to see the actor on the big screen. On the day he was discharged from the army his talent agency uploaded a short YouTube clip of him called “Kang Don Won in a day” that was shown at various locations in Seoul. Weeks after his discharge, he gave an interview to “High Cut” magazine and said that he wanted to get back into acting as quickly as possible.
“It’s difficult if I have to wait a long time before starting the next project,” said Kang. “It feels as if I’ve suddenly become unemployed. I feel anxious when I don’t have a job.”
But he would not consider drama work as that also makes him anxious. He said he could not endure the stress involved in filming one.
This week his comeback film, “The X” released stills and a trailer with plenty of action scenes. In the film, Kang plays the mysterious secret agent named X. Some of the stills show him staring off into the distance. That seems fitting as Agent X has a lot to think about.
X has always been the perfect agent, one who always fulfills his missions perfectly. He’s good at following orders. One day he is told to deliver a mysterious item to Agent R.
But what he finds when he delivers the package means he can no longer simply follow orders. When he shows up, Agent R is dead and Agent R’s girlfriend Mia, played by Sin Min Ah, points a gun at him. X has been set up and now he must do whatever it takes to survive.
“The X” has already been invited to the 18th Busan International Film Festival Gala Presentation Section in October.
Kang, a real-life heir to one of the world’s largest shipping companies was also academically gifted. He graduated from Hanyang University with a degree in mechanical engineering, but had not even completed school before his good looks attracted talent agents.
After a turn on the catwalk, the actor decided to take acting classes. He debuted on television as a doctor in “Country Princess” and played a chaebol’s son in “One Percent Of Anything.” His first film was a romantic comedy titled ‘Too Beautiful To Lie” but his breakthough film role came with “Temptation of Wolves,” an adaptation of an Internet novel. His last project before enlisting was the psychic thriller “Haunters.”
“I want to continue acting until I’m older,” said the actor in his “High Cut” interview. “I have no desire to rest.”
But he is choosing his roles very carefully.

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