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'Master's Sun' So Ji Sub Completely Shocked at the Truth Behind the Kidnapping

BY Staff Reporter | Sep 28, 2013 11:51 AM EDT


"Master's Sun" So Ji Sub finally learns about Hwang Sun Hee's real identity.

A recent episode of the SBS drama "Master's Sun" featured Han Na (Hwang Sun Hee) revealing her real identity to Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub).

Thinking that Han Na was Cha Hee Joo's (Han Bo Reum) partner in crime, Joo Joong Won stops her from getting on the plane to leave the country. Han Na uncomfortably tells Joo Joong Won that the woman he fell in love with is Han Na, not Cha Hee Joo. Han Na had spoken to Joo Joong Won first and he had fallen in love with her right then and there. It broke Cha Hee Joo's heart since she had been in love with him for a long time.

She says, "The only thing the dark and pathetic Hee Joo wanted was love but Han Na took that from her as well. Hee Joo became so angry. That's why she created the whole thing. Try to remember... the person you loved. Which one is the one that died?" Joo Joong Won realizes that it is Cha Hee Joo, not Han Na.

Joo Joong Won says, "Who are you? You're Cha Hee Joo?" Han Na replies, "I'm Han Na, the sweet one. You said so yourself. The person who died is the bad one."

She continues, "I thought you would love me if I come back." Joo Joong Won says, "You're fake." However, Han Na just smiles heartlessly and walks away. 

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