'Scandal' Park Min Woo's First Appearance as a Genius Hacker

Park Min Woo
Kim Jae Won

"Scandal" Park Min Woo appears for the very first time as a genius hacker "Batman".

September 28, an episode of the MBC weekend drama "Scandal" featured Park Min Woo appearing for the first time as a handsome high school hacker named "Batman" who is determined to make the correct the mistake that changed Ha Eun Joong's (Kim Jae Won) fate.

When Ha Eun Joong goes to see him for help, Batman panics, thinking that he is there to arrest him. Without any idea about what wants from him, Batman gets taken into Ha Eun Joong's office where he gets a request to hack into Tae Ha Group and TH Incorporation.

At first, Batman remains suspicious that Ha Eun Joong could be a cop but when he senses his seriousness he says, "Are we doing a cooperative investigation right now?" When Ha Eun Joong shakes his head "yes", Batman gets excited and begins working.

It is a mystery what will result from Park Min Woo working with Kim Jae Won.  

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