'Scandal' Jo Jae Hyun's Paternal Love Makes Viewers Cry

Jo Jae Hyun
Han Groo

"Scandal" What is going to happen to Jo Jae Hyun?

September 29, the 28th episode of the MBC weekend drama "Scandal" featured Ha Myung Geun (Jo Jae Hyun) splashing cold water on drunk Ha Soo Young's (Han Groo) face. He then says, "Does acting like that change anything? If you're not going to live, I'm going to disown you from our family so let's end out relationship, just like you want to."

Ha Soo Young replies, "Please end it. I'm living right now because I can't die. I'm living right now because I don't have the courage to die. I don't think I could hang on when I can think straight, I'm hanging on because I don't think I could hang on" and continues to cry.

Ha Myung Geun holds his daughter in his arms. He then says, "Don't try too hard to forgive. Don't force yourself to accept me if it's harming you. You can hate me and despise me. You can hate me but don't hate yourself. You worked hard without having any time to sleep or play. Live your life doing whatever you want. You can live like that."

He continues, "It's going to pass soon. It's all going to pass. It's going to disappear and it's going to be okay when it disappears. You believe me right? Please listen to me. And whether it's America or Europe, take a vacation. You've never even travelled before. I'll send you. See a lot of things and meet a lot of people and play as much as you want. You can live like that. Let's do that. It's my wish. That is the only way you will live and I will live."

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