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“Shall We Dance?” Asks Actress Park Se Young in Her Debut Single

BY Chin D | Oct 05, 2013 04:01 PM EDT


Actress Park Se Young makes her singing debut with the song "Shall We Dance?" in collaboration with the acoustic indie trio Standing Egg.

"Shall We Dance?" is a warm and sentimental song composed by Choi Min Hoon. It talks about how words aren't enough to express one's love and that it would be better to say it through a sweet and romantic song. The tune reminds the listener of sunlight and summer breeze. It is light and carefree, but gives an impression of sincerity and the happiness of two people in love.

The music video shows behind-the-scenes clips of Park Se Young in a photo shoot, in an interview and in the recording studio. It is as cheerful and light hearted as the song, and the video was shot in pastel and black and white, highlighting the natural beauty of the actress.

Park Se Young is the first artist from "The Rainbow Project" to release a song. It is a collaboration between "The Rainbow Agency" and several talented artists from different fields in an effort to put together unique and creative songs.

The actress is known for receiving the New Star Award for her portrayal of Queen Noguk in the SBS drama "Faith". She is currently in the KBS drama "Sincerity Moves Heaven" as Choi Se Young, and she also hosts KBS's "Music Bank".

Watch Park Se Young and Standing Egg's "Shall We Dance?" in the video below.

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