Food And Romance Blend Happily In 'Eating Existence'

No Min Woo
ahn young mi
Eating Existence

K-dramas and food are a marriage made in heaven. From the recent jajangmyeon kiss in "I Have a Lover" to the kimchi kiss in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" to the toast kiss in "Pinocchio, food and romance blend happily in k-dramas.

That's also the case in the new web drama "Eating Existence." The drama is not really about eating but the storyline uses food to make a statement about the daily struggles of young Koreans. In their desire to realize their dreams, young Koreans often work long hours and forego relationships. And that may also mean they miss out on some tasty meals. Dining alone in Korea is unusual, so young people who do work long hours and are not in a relationship often eat at home alone.

In the Naver TV Cast drama, comedienne Ahn Young Mi plays Yoo Yang, a woman who quits her job because she wants to be a writer. She falls for Park Byeong, played by No Min Woo. Her relationship provides her with some comfort during her daily struggles and she also indulges in delicious food. They indulge in some delicious food together.

Food plays a prominent role in their romance and  is used as a metaphor throughout this webtoon-based drama.

"The original cartoon is also focused less on food and more on expressing the hearts and minds of young people today," director Lee Cheol Ha said at a press conference for the drama, which  first aired on November 12. "That's what I tried to convey."

No Min Woo last appeared in the dramas "The Greatest Marriage" and "My Unfortunate Boyfriend." He also had a small role in the film 'The Admiral: Roaring Currents."

Ahn Young Mi is a former cast member of the variety show "Real Men." She appeared in "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "A Dynamite Family."

The drama also stars Yoo So Young, Hwang Byung Heon and Kwon Hyuk Soo. It also features the acting debut of Lee Byung Heon, who directed the  film "Twenty."

The drama has 10 episodes of 10 minutes each.

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