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Song Il Gook Will Play A Serial Killer And A Scientist

BY Julie Jones | Dec 02, 2015 11:14 AM EST


Song Il Gook has become familiar to viewers as the doting father of three adorable triplets on the variety show "The Return of Superman." But Song, the father of Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se, will show himself in a different light in his new film. He plays a man no one would want to have for a father.

The film, "Tattoo," tells the story of a tattoo artist, played by Yoon Joo Hee. She was assaulted when she was young and has never recovered from the trauma. Years later she meets the psychopathic serial killer who assaulted her. Song Il Gook plays that man. When the killer comes to her for a tattoo and Yoon Joo Hee sees her chance for revenge.

At the December 1 press conference for the film, director Lee Seo spoke about why he cast Song in the role of such an evil character.

"If someone completely unexpected commits a cruel act, the act appears even more inhumane," said Lee. "Song Il Gook has a very gentle image and I cast him because I've always thought that if someone like him plays such a role they will seem even more cruel."

Song did not worry too much about taking a role that was so alien to his image.

"I chose the role because I wanted to play a new character," he said. "You might think I worried a lot about this role and my previous image in dramas and variety shows, but I took it without worrying at all."

It was a chance to show that he could do something different.

"It's not a crime for an actor to transform himself," said Song, who admits he got advice on portraying a criminal from his wife, a judge.

The actor, who appeared in the dramas "Jumong," "The Kingdom of the Winds" and "Kimchi Family," has also been cast in an upcoming KBS historical drama, "Jang Yeong Sil." Because of Song's popularity, the drama has been exported to Hong Kong. It's the first historical drama to be exported to Hong Kong, KBS representatives told the Korean media outlet Korea Times. In this drama he will play the Joseon-era scientist Jang Yeong Sil.

"Tattoo" premieres on December 10. The film was shown at the 2015 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in July.

The drama "Jang Yeong Sil" is due to air in January.

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