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Six Mini Dramas You May Want To Binge On

BY Julie Jones | Dec 04, 2015 08:29 AM EST


The end of the year means there's a lot to do and not enough time to do it all. But that does not mean you have to deprive yourself of delicious drama fun. It's easy to indulge in a marathon or two in with the latest mini dramas.

Since the episodes are only about 10 minutes long, you can fit a few into an hour. And there's at least an hour for drama even in the busiest days.

It's as delicious as eating a scrumptious dessert without worrying about the calories.

So, why not enjoy these guilt-free treats at lunch time, on the check-out line or over a holiday latte.

According to Tim Lee at the international content provider DramaFever, mini dramas have nearly double the completion rate of longer dramas, because they are so short and bingeable.

Here are a few of the latest binge-worthy mini-dramas you might enjoy.

"Love Cells 2"

After playing matchmaker in "Love Cells," love guru Nebi, played by Kim Yoo Jung, works her magic on a couple that is tragically torn apart when they lose memories of their romance. With just 12 episodes, this drama offers a quick fix for romance lovers. The drama also stars 2AM's Im Seulong of 2AM, who was last seen in "Ho Gu's Love," as well as Jo Bo Ah, Park Eun Ji and Choi Young Min.

"Secret Message"

Woo Hyun, played by Big Bang's T.O.P., and Haruka, played by Japanese actress Juri Ueno, meet through a misdirected text. She's working in Korea while he's in Japan. They don't have a language in common but they both have emotional baggage and wonder about the possibility of finding true love. Only 18 episodes, the drama is beautifully filmed and wildly romantic.

"Never Die"

If you don't have time for 12 or 18 episodes, the supernatural fantasy "Never Die" sums up its story in five. It stars Ji Eun Sung, last seen in "Shine Or Go Crazy" and 4Minute's Nam Ji Hyun. She plays a 200 year old immortal who eternally looks like a beautiful 20 year old. They fall in love but since one of them is 200 years old, how will they make romance last? The drama premieres December 4.

"Nine Seconds"

Lee Joo Seung, last seen in "The Time I Didn't Love You, 7,000 Days,' and Bestie's Haeryung, last seen in "High School - Love On," star in this this seven-episode drama about two people who meet at a photo studio. They discover a camera that has the ability to stop time. At first it's a game but as their lives become difficult, it provides an escape. The drama premieres December 8.

"Snow Lotus Flower"

This fantasy romance stars Ji Jin Hee of "I Have A Lover," Lee Ji Ah of "Thrice Married Women" and Ahn Jae Hyun, last seen in "Blood." In the two-episode drama two people in the present meet each other in their dreams as lovers from 1,000 years ago. "Snow Lotus Flower" premieres December 11.

"Love Detective Sherlock"

Nam Bo Ra, last seen in "My Heart Twinkle Twinkle,"  plays a "love psychologist." She runs a Healing Cafe, which helps clients deal with their various love problems. The 10-episode drama premieres on December 12.


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