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"Infinity Challenge" Parodies G-Dragon Song

BY Joan MacDonald | Oct 14, 2013 12:41 PM EDT


"Infinity Challenge" aced the ratings this week by showing a parody of G-Dragon’s best-selling single “Crooked.” The hilarious parody involved shopping for clothes, running down alleyways and getting into brawls, all of the elements that made for a successful “Crooked” music video but were also pretty funny when parodied.
The song is from his “Coup D’Etat” album, which topped the charts in September and also won him first place on music shows.
The reality TV show, Infinity Challenge, organizes participants, which can include kdrama or kpop stars, into competing teams. Then the show sets up challenges that are silly or difficult to achieve but the results always earn laughs. In the most recent episodes, the teams consisted of comedian Yoo Jae Suk with singer Yoo Hee Yeol, comedian Park Myung Soo and Primary, comedian Jung Jun Ha and singer Kim C, comedian Haha and singers Jang Gi Ha and Faces, singers Gil and BoA, G-Dragon and comedian Jung Hyung Don, and entertainer Noh Hong Chul and Rose Motel.
A few of the teams invited friends to help them out. G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don planned a surprise in the recording studio, which included a visit from rapper Defconn. They created the parodied music video and the first step was to go shopping. Since fashionista G-Dragon, wears a succession of outrageous outfits in his music video, Jung Hyung Don decided they needed some equally inspired clothing and they visited a street market.
While the clothes were not quite of G-Dragon’s caliber, they still looked good on him but Jung Hyung Don looked hilariously bizarre. G-Dragon helped Jung replicate his own cross tattoo by applying black masking tape to his chest. Then G-Dragon ripped the comedian’s clothes to give him that “London Calling” Clash punk-rock look.
But the funniest part of the video was probably Jung Hyung Don running in an imitation of G-Dragon. Huffing and puffing he looked less than energetic. Then they had G-Dragon running down Seoul alleyways as he did on the London streets in the original video.
Also funny were their attempts at music video roughhousing. Jung Hyung Don complained that G-Dragon was too forceful in pushing him against the wall when he is twice the singer’s size. And the best scene was when Jung Hyung Don sits on the stair landing crying in imitation of G-Dragon’s scene. The singer walks by and gives him the side eye, as if to say “Seriously?”
But the two seemed to have a great time playing with the story of the music video. If you weren’t cheering that particular team on yet, the video might change your mind. Check it out below.

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