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Four Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of Yoo Seung Ho

BY Adrienne Stanley | Dec 09, 2015 01:23 PM EST


Yoo Seung Ho delivered a performance worthy of the silver screen in his latest drama.

On December 9, he captivated audiences as the leading man of SBS' crime series, "Remember."

In "Remember," he portrays Seo Jin Woo, a young man who is afflicted with hyperthymesia, a rare condition where individuals have near-photographic memories of events.

Jin Woo encounters Lee Ah In (Park Min Young) during a high-school aged pick-pocketing incident and is eventually reunited with her in adulthood.

In an unfortunate turn of events, his father, who suffers from Alzheimer's is accused of murdering a young woman. Jin Woo becomes a lawyer in order to exonerate his father and prove his innocence, through his extraordinary memory.

The first episode featured several melodramatic, tearjerking moments as Jin Woo mourned what he believed to be the unjust imprisonment of his dad and his inability to help him, at the time.

While many actors aggressively pursue projects after completing their mandatory service in the Korean military, his role in "Remember" is airing concurrently with the MBC Every1 mini-drama, "Imaginary Cat."

Here are five reasons why Korean drama audiences cannot get enough of Yoo Seung Ho.

1. In 'Remember,' he demonstrates his talents as a dramatic actor while he is a cuddly boy-next-door in 'Imaginary Cat.'  

The simultaneous airing of "Remember" and "Imaginary Cat" provides a substantial portrait into his versatility as an actor.

"Imaginary Cat" is somewhat far-fetched and is based on the premise of a talking cat, bearing similarities to the American tale, "Garfield." However, Yoo breathes life into the drama, making the drama a palatable and imaginative series. 

2. By entering the military at age 19, Yoo Seung Ho returned to the drama scene before he reached his prime. 

Yoo Seung Ho returned to Korean drama as critics bemoan the inevitable departure of star actors like Lee Min Ho and emerging Hallyu star, Ji Chang Wook, who soon depart for the military.  Audiences who are just getting to know him will not have to worry about his absence from K-Entertainment and those who have remained with him since the start of his career can rejoice at his ability to take on challenging new roles. 

3. He proves that child stars in Korean entertainment usually improve with age. 

He successfully transitioned from his breakout role as a nine-year-old child actor in the sleeper hit, "A Way Home," to emerge as a teen star in "Master of Study." 

Prior to entering the military, he appeared in a supporting role in "Arirang and the Magistrate," before serving as the lead in the melodrama, "Missing You." 

4. While he continues to bear the nickname, Little So Ji Sub, he has demonstrated his ability to deliver star power to both television and film. 

An article published by Xportsnews immediately following the premiere of "Remember," praised him for his performance in the series, likening it to a 60-minute film, rather than a primetime soap.  

His ability to pull at the heartstrings of viewers bears similarity to Lee Jong Suk, as an actor in his twenties who conjures the broad emotionality that eludes many older stars. 

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