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'Producer' Rules While 'She Was Pretty' Reaches The Top Five

BY Julie Jones | Dec 10, 2015 09:08 AM EST


Today's poll results show only some slight changes. A new drama has reached the top five ranking but the two leading dramas continue to claim the highest percentage of the votes. "Producer" is ahead at the moment with 41.96 percent of the vote while "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" has 39.05 percent of the vote. A few votes could make a difference.

"Oh My Venus," starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah" is in third place with 5.16 percent of the vote, while the fourth and fifth place contenders are close. "Girl Who Sees Smells" attained 2.6 percent of the vote, while "She Was Pretty" entered the top five circle with a close 2.28 percent.

The actors also stayed the same with Kim Soo Hyun holding the lead at 41.28 percent. Lee Jun Ki followed close behind with 31.4 percent, so it's likely to be one of those actors that wins, and most likely Kim Soo Hyun. The rest of the ranking is not so certain. Yoo Ah in holds third place with 7.16 percent, but So Ji Sub is close with 6.42 percent. The more appealing he is in his current "Oh My Venus" role, the higher his percentage of the vote may rise.

Park Hyung Sik is the latest member of the Top Five Club, with 4.64 percent of the vote, beating popular actors like Joo Won, Ji Sung and JYJ's Park Yoo Chun.

Hwang Jung Eum still holds a clear lead with 32.95 percent of the vote for her performances in "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "She Was Pretty." But Choi Ji Woo is rising in the ratings. She has a healthy 23.02 percent of the vote for her performance as the belittled wife who gets another chance at life in "Twenty Once Again." Gong Hyo Jin earned 12.22 percent of the vote for her role as a producer in "Producer." Park Bo Young is in fourth place with 7.22 percent and Shin Min Ah is in fifth with 5.78 percent.

When it comes to best couple "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" rules with one of the drama's two couples, Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Eun at 40.64 percent. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are in second place and gaining with 19.37 percent, while Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum only have 9.98 percent of the vote.  Close behind are Park Hyung Sik and Lim Ji Yeon. The actors achieved fourth place for the sweet couple they played in "High Society," while Park Yoochun

Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are in fifth place with 8.58 percent for their chemistry in "The Girl Who Sees Smells."

The poll ends soon. Don't forget to vote and let us know who your favorites were.

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