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Kim Mi Kyung: From "The Master's Sun" To "The Heirs"

BY Joan MacDonald | Oct 15, 2013 10:32 AM EDT


Viewers just finished seeing Kim Mi Kyung play the role of So Ji Sub's interfering aunt in "The Master's Sun" and before they could start to forget her funny performance, she was playing Park Shin Hye's sad, disabled, dependent mother in "The Heirs."

It was quite a transition from the pampered fussy Joo Sung Ran to the poor frightened housekeeper Park Hee Nam. So Ji Sub's aunt was a woman who often had too much to say while Park Shin Hye's mom cannot even talk.

But it's not the first time the talented actress has made such a dramatic shift between roles.

In "I Hear Your Voice," Kim Mi Kyung played a woman who cut off her hand in an attempt to imprison her husband for murder. And shortly before that she played the cleaning lady who had a soft spot for Park Yoochun, but also a murderous and vengeful side, in "Missing You."

Kim Mi Kyung is one of those great character actresses willing to take on a variety of roles, even if they don't portray her in a very flattering light. Some of her past roles portrayed her as evil or not very bright and her characters often looks somewhat dowdy. Her role in "The Master's Sun" may be the first time in a while that she wore flattering makeup and expensive stylish clothes.

As a result of her willingness to take on such challenging roles, she seems to be a director's favorite and always has work.

Kim Mi Kyung often plays a mom. Before she took on the role of mothering Park Shin Hye, she was Choi Kang Hee's provincial mother, the mom who often arrived unannounced in "Level 7 Civil Servant." And she played an aunt before too.

In the time-traveling historical drama "Faith: The Great Doctor," she played a court lady who was also Lee Min Ho's aunt. With her influence in court, she helped him uncover political intrigue and boasted some impressive sword-fighting skills in defense of her queen.

Since "Kaist," her first drama in 2001, the actress has appeared in dozens of films and several movies, which have earned her international recognition. Some of her most successful roles have been in the drama "Spring Waltz" and the film, "One Fine Spring Day," but she also had roles in other hit dramas such as Mrs. Jo in  "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and the guesthouse lady in "Secret Garden."

It will be interesting to see who she plays next.

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