‘Scandal’ Threats To Reveal Identity

Kim Hye Ri
Park Sang Min
Ki Tae Youn
Kim Kyu Ri

Kim Kyu Ri said to Kim Jae Won that he would stop him from getting to be in the inheritor position.

On the 32nd episode of MBC Weekend drama "Scandal" broadcast on October 13th, Joo Ah (Kim Kyu Ri) and Jae In (Ki Tae Youn) gained the stocks of Tae Ha group to be the second largest shareholder to keep Eung Joong (Kim Jae Won) in check.

Tae Ha (Park Sang Min) said to Jo Ah, "Give the rest of your stocks to Eun Joong" and as Joo Ah and Eun Joong were fighting over the CEO spot, they wanted to nip the idea in the bud.

With this, Joo Ah an Joo Ran (Kim Hye Ri) were looking at the stocks of the second largest stockholder of Tae Ha group and got their promise that they would give it to them.

Joo Ah went to Eun Joong and said, "You don't want to become an inheritor and save Tae Ha but you want to disband the group and break it apart."  Eun Joong said, "If I'm honest, will you believe me?" and Joo Ah said, "It's important if they're on the same side as the enemies." She further said no honest stories were necessary.

Eun Joong said, "So sis, you go your way. I'll go mine."  Joo Ah warned, "No, I'll tell your identity to dad. What you did and all. I'll tell them all about what you've done.  You won't get to be the one to inherit.  We're gonna gang up and block that."

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