'Scandal' Kim Kyu Ri Threatens to Reveal Kim Jae Won's Identity

Kim Kyu Ri
Kim Jae Won

Kim Kyu Ri threatens Kim Jae Won's chances of getting the inheritance. 

October 13, the 32nd episode of MBC Weekend drama "Scandal" featured Joo Ah (Kim Kyu Ri) and Jae In (Ki Tae Young) gaining the stocks of the Tae Ha Group and becoming the second largest shareholder to keep Eung Joong (Kim Jae Won) in check.

Tae Ha (Park Sang Min) says, "Give the rest of your stocks to Eun Joong"

Since Joo Ah and Eun Joong were fighting over inheriting the comapny for themselves, both try to come up with a different plan to stop it..

Joo Ah meets with Eun Joong and says, "You don't want to become an inheritor and save Tae Ha but you want to disband the group and break it apart."  Eun Joong replies, "Will you belive me if I said I will be honest with you?"

Joo Ah answers, "It's important if they're on the same side as the enemies."

Eun Joong tells Joo Ah to do things her way since he is only going to focus on his plans.  Joo Ah replies, "I will speak to father about the secret of your identity and everything you've don. You won't be able to get the inheritance."

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