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‘Ugly Alert’ Mother-Daughter Conflict At Worst

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 17, 2013 08:49 PM EDT


Shin So Yul conflicted head on with Lee Il Hwa.

On SBS's Daily Drama "Ugly Alert" Shin So Yul and Lee Il Hwa's conflict were at an all time worst adding tension to the plot.

Mom Na In Sook (played by Lee Il Hwa) even slapped Shin Ju Young (played by Shin So Yul). Na In Sook couldn't approve of the relationship with Gong Hyun Suk (played by Choi Tae Joon) and tried to stop Joo Young but hearing Joo Young say, "if you keep not approving, I could just get pregnant first," she put a hand on Joo Young.

This is all because of a mother's intention not to put her mistakes on her daughter. Following this, Shin So Yul was distraught and the conflict with Lee Il Hwa was at its worst. Whether the old saying will be true that no parent will outdo their kid will be something to look for. This ending made the viewers curious.

The tear-jerking love in "Ugly Alert" and whether Shin So Yul and Choi Tae Jun's love will overcome Lee Il Hwa's opposition will be of interest to watch.

Meanwhile, SBS Daily drama "Ugly Alert" is broadcast every night at 7:15 PM from Monday to Friday.

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