Which K-Celebs Made The Most Money In 2015?

Park Seo Joon
Park Bo Young
Yoo Ah In
Big Bang
Yoo Hae Jin

Which k-celebs made the most money this year? The tvN program "The List 2015" compiled a list of celebrities that made the most impressive incomes.

A few k-drama actors also stood out.

For example, Park Seo Joon, who appeared in two dramas this year, appeared in seventh place on the list of top ten earners. The star of "She Was Pretty" and "Kill Me Heal Me" is estimated to earn about $25,000 an episode. Multiply that by more than 30 drama episodes this past year, add in some endorsement deals and it's possible to guestimate that he earned around $900,000.

Actress Park Bo Young also boosted her income this year, landing her in eighth place. She appeared in the films "The Silenced," "Collective Invention" and "You Call It Passion," as well as starring in the drama "Oh My Ghostess." After a hit show actors also score more endorsement deals and Park landed four notable deals. Her income is estimated to be close to $850,000.

Actor Yoo Hae Jin was in sixth place after appearing in four films this year, "The Classified File," "Minority Opinion," "Veteran" and "Fatal Intuition," as well as being a cast member on the reality show "Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village."

The k-pop group Big Bang landed in third place due to the release of their album MADE and their worldwide tour. The program estimated that the group, which includes acting members T.O.P., Seungri and Daesung, earned around $9.7 million from their album sales alone.

Hwang Jung Min was in second place due to the fact that he appeared in three films, "Veteran," "The Himalayas," and "The Wailing." He directed and acted in the musical "Okepi" and received six endorsement deals. He did not just earn a lot of money but also snagged a few awards, receiving the Best Actor award at the 35th Golden Film Awards, Actor of the Year at the 15th Director's' Cut and the Best Couple Award at the 8th Seoul Elderly Film Awards.

But the Korean actor who made the most money in 2015, according to "The List," was Yoo Ah In. The "Six Flying Dragons" star earned almost $400,000 for playing the tragic Crown Prince Sado in the film "The Throne." He also appeared in the box office hit "Veteran." And he earns almost $60,000 for each episode of "Six Flying Dragons." On top of that he appears in multiple ads as the spokesperson for coffee, clothes and telecommunications. He's handsome, talented and rich.

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