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Hwang Jung Eum Is Considering A Melodrama

BY Julie Jones | Dec 16, 2015 08:17 AM EST


After two successful comedies, actress Hwang Jung Eum is considering a melodrama.

The Korean media outlet Naver TV recently reported that the actress might appear in an MBC drama titled "Tyrant." The drama focuses on the IMF Crisis of 1997. The storyline will span almost 20 years to show the struggles one man faces in achieving success.

Although some media outlets reported that Hwang has already accepted the offer, her agency C-Jes Entertainment said that nothing had been decided. The actress has received many offers for upcoming dramas.

While Hwang Jung Eum appeared in two comedies this year, the former singer has done her share of melodramas. In 2013 she had a surprise hit with the melodrama "Secrets." In that drama she played an innocent woman who went to jail to save her prosecutor boyfriend, only to have him dump her. She also appeared in the melodrama "Endless Love," playing a woman who wanted to avenge the death of her mother.

In 2015 she focused on being funny. In "Kill Me Heal Me," she was often a straight man for Ji Sung's comic personality clashea. She played a psychologist and he played a man with dissociative identity disorder. She worked hard to rescue him from the damage done by his alter egos.

In "She Was Pretty" she played a frumpy temp who secretly wanted to be a children's book author. She was comically charming and made both of leading men look good.

Because of her success this year she is expected to win an award as Best Actress at the MBC Drama Awards.

She was chosen as the "Actor of the Year" in a 2015 Gallup survey that ran from Oct. 29 to Nov. 31. And she won the KDramaStars award for Best Actress.

"Tyrant" is a Monday-Tuesday night drama that is expected to air in April 2016 after the conclusion of "Glamorous Temptation."

Jang Young Chul, who wrote the script for "Empress Ki" and "Incarnation of Money" is writing the screenplay. Joo Sung Woo, who directed "The Legendary Witches," will direct the drama.

Would you rather see Hwang Jung Eum in a melodrama or comedy? Let us know.

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