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Lee Yeol Eum Joins The Cast Of "My One And Only You"

BY Julie Jones | Dec 17, 2015 11:50 AM EST


Lee Yeol Eum is the latest actor to join the cast of the upcoming drama "One and Only You" aka "Only You."

She will play Lee Ha Na, a young woman who lets nothing stand in the way of her dreams. She's disillusioned about love, as her first love did not go so well, but she remains optimistic about life in general. She's ready to take on whatever challenges life throws at her.

Lee Yeol Eum played the high school student with a crush on Seo In Guk in "High School King of Savvy." She appeared in "Divorce Lawyers In Love," "Protect The Family" and most recently played a teen doomed by an inherited disease in "The Village - Achiara's Secret,"

The cast for the upcoming 16-episode romantic comedy already includes Nam Goong Min, Kang Nam, VIXX member Hong Bin, and  Kevin and Eli of U-Kiss.

Nam Goong Min has played some dark characters in recent dramas so this role will be a change of course. He played a murderer in "The Girl Who Sees Smells" and he currently plays a villain in "Remember," which stars Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young. In "One and Only You," he will play the young heir and top star Yeon Woo. Like so many k-drama male characters, Yeon Woo says he does not believe in love. He comes across as selfish and hard to please but inside he's quite vulnerable. He's just waiting for the right girl to fine tune his personality and that girl could be Lee Ha Na.

The plot involves a scandal between the top actor, played by Nam Goong Min, and a five-member idol group known as Pentagon. Hong Bin of VIXX plays the leader of the group.

Singer Kang Nam as well as Kevin and Eli of U-Kiss also play members of the idol group. Kang Nam is the group's fashionista, known for wearing the most outrageous fashions and setting styles.

"One and Only You" is expected to air in 2016.

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