Lee Jong Suk Chooses His Next Role

Lee Jong Suk
Jade Lover

Lee Jong Suk's next drama will be a Korean-Chinese production. Lee was eager to take the role because it offers him another chance to work with producer Jin Hyuk. The actor and producer worked together on two very different dramas,  "Prosecutor Princess" and "Doctor Stranger."

According to the Korean media outlet Korea Times, Lee's new project is tentatively titled "Jade Lover" The upcoming SBS drama is being co-produced by Jin and the Hong Kong media group DMG.

"Jade Lover" is a fantasy-romance series set in the 1930s and filming begins in Shanghai in January.

"Jade Lover" will be the actor's first drama in over a year but, according to his agency Wellmade Yedang, he has been busy researching new projects.

"Lee has sufficiently rested since 'Pinocchio' from earlier this year, and he's also looking at scenarios for other domestic movies and TV dramas for next year,"  said Wellmade Yedang representative. "Soon, he'll decide on which project to join and will return to South Korean TV."

Lee Jong Suk having chosen another drama is big news, but the salary that he will reportedly earn for "Jade Lover" is also newsworthy. Reports on what he will earn vary between $5 million and $35 million for the 30-episode series.

Not bad for an actor who only debuted 10 years ago as a runway model. The 26-year-old began his acting career when he appeared in a short film titled "Sympathy." Since then he has had a string of successful dramas including "School 2013" with Kim Woo Bin and Jang Nara, "Can I Hear Your Voice" with Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun, "Doctor Stranger" with Jin se Yeon and Kang So Ra, and most recently "Pinocchio" with Park Shin Hye.

Lee also appeared in several films, including "The Face Reader," "Hot Young Bloods" and "No Breathing."

He is the youngest actor ever to win the prestigious Grimae Award for Best Male Actor for his role in "Pinocchio."

Are you excited about his new drama?

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