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Kim Hyun Joong And His Ex-Girlfriend Disagree About Cohabitation Claims

BY Adrienne Stanley | Dec 24, 2015 12:58 PM EST


Kim Hyun Joong is allegedly the father of the child that was recently delivered by his ex-girlfriend by 99.9 percent, but the former couple continues to debate about whether they cohabitated and if she had previous pregnancies. 

A December 24 report published by Sports Today highlighted the recent developments in the high-profile case, featured during a segment of SBS' "Midnight Entertainment." 

According to the news segment, legal representatives for the woman who is referred to by Korean media as Miss A or Choi, maintain the position that Kim Hyun Joong allegedly previously impregnated his ex-girlfriend five times, during a two-year period of cohabitation.

"A was pregnant five times over their two years of living together," said a spokesperson from her legal team.

Lawyers for the "Boys Over Flowers" star countered the claims by stating that their client did not live with his ex-lover.

Sports Today also noted that the father of Kim also denied that his son was involved with the cohabitation claims, in his statement provided during a December 21 press conference.

The on-going legal battle involving Kim and his former flame began in August 2014, with assault allegations. 

Kim has not countered the results of a court-ordered paternity test, which resulted in a alleged 99.9 percent match between his DNA and the child delivered by his former girlfriend. However, he continues to cite the sums of money that were provided to his ex-lover in a previous settlement.

"The combined [previous] amount claimed and the current amount is about 3.4 billion won (2.5 million USD)," said a spokesperson for Kim. 

The idol-turned-actor is currently serving within the Korean military. His last project prior to conscription was the 2014 period drama, "Inspiring Generation." 

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