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IU Considering Time Travel Fantasy 'Moon Lovers'

BY Julie Jones | Dec 28, 2015 08:32 AM EST


"Moon Lovers" could be the most anticipated drama of 2016. The cast already includes actors Kang Ha Neul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo and EXO's Baekhyun. And, according to the Korean media outlet OSEN, Lee Jun Ki and Hong Jong Hyun are considering roles. That's a good percentage of the actors who made hearts flutter in 2015 dramas.

But that's not all the impressive casting news. According to her agency, Loen Entertainment, singer-actress IU may also join the cast.

"It's true that IU has received an offer for 'Moon Lovers.' She's currently considering the part and nothing is confirmed yet."

If IU does take a part, she might play a woman who travels back in time.

"Moon Lovers" is a k-drama adaptation of the Chinese novel "Starting With Each Step." In the original novel, a modern woman has a car accident that sends her back in time. She's trapped in the body of an aristocrat's daughter. Her sister is a concubine in the  emperor's palace so she has opportunities to meet the royal family. She wins the emperor's favor and becomes a royal lady in waiting.

There are at least 14 princes, which explains the casting of so many handsome k-drama actors. The girl who was sent back in time has a chance to meet them all. She falls for the emperor's eighth son and agrees to marry him if he gives up his quest for the throne, which she is sure will land him in jail. He won't and it does. There are plenty of romantic and political complications to follow.

The Chinese version of the drama, starring Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi, was very popular and boosted the careers of both stars.

The k-drama version will air in September and be broadcast in Korea and China at the same time.

Hwang Jung Eum, last seen in "She Was Pretty" and "Kill Me Heal Me"  was offered the role but turned it down in November.

Between them the proposed cast has several critical and popular k-drama hits. IU was last seen in the hit drama "Producer." Lee Jun Ki appeared in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night." Kang Ha Neul appeared in "Misaeng." Nam Joo Hyuk appeared in 'Who Are You - School 2015," Ji Soo in "Angry Mom," and Hong Jung Hyun in "Mama." "Moon Lovers' will be Baekhyun's drama debut.

Kim Kyu Tae, who directed "It's Okay, That's Love," and "That Winter The Wind Blows" will direct "Moon Lovers." Jo Joon Young, who wrote "Save The Dance For Me" is the screenwriter.

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