Lee Min Jung Will Romance Rain in 'Please Come Back Mister'

Lee Min Jung
Please Come Back Mister

It's official. Rain will romance Lee Min Jung in the upcoming drama "Please Come Back Mister," which was previously titled "Goodbye My Precious One."

Her agency, MS Team Entertainment, announced her decision on December 28.

But their romance may only last seven days.

In the drama Lee will play the perfect wife, Shin Da Hye. She was a department store model before she married and after marrying became a devoted model wife. She is kind, sweet, frugal and good to her in-laws. When her husband dies, she goes back to work at a department store.

After returning to work she has a second chance at love. She falls for the store's manager, Lee Hae Joon, played by Rain. But he's not really who everyone thinks he is. The person she falls for may look like the dorky manager that everyone knows but his body is currently being inhabited by someone else, a man who died after working himself to death. The recently deceased died right after he organizes a major sale in the department store and there is a lot he left undone. He begs for another chance to take care of his unfinished business. He is granted that wish and gets to return to earth in another man's body. With this second chance, he has seven days to make things right. Things get complicated when he falls in love.

The drama is based on the Japanese novel "Mr. Tsubakiyama Seven Days" by Asada Jiro, which was made into a film in 2006. In the Japanese novel, the person who died comes back in the body of a woman. But in the k-drama version, he gets to be a man. He also has some help from two people who also suffered untimely deaths. They also only have seven days to make things right.

The role will be Lee Min Jung's first drama role in almost two years, since she played a woman who wants to marry her former husband in "Cunning Single Lady." Lee Min Jung has taken some time off. She and husband Lee Byung Hun had their first child in March.

The drama is expected to air in February after the end of "Remember."

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