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'Oh My Venus" So Ji Sup Tells Shin Min Ah She's A Miracle

BY Christine Han | Dec 30, 2015 05:42 PM EST


In "Oh My Venus" Shin Min Ah started to bawl uncontrollably.

On the episode of KBS2 Monday/Tuesday drama "Oh My Venus" (script Kim Eun Ji, director Kim Hyung Suk, Lee Na Jung, production Mong Jak So) broadcast on Dec. 29th, Young Ho (played by So Ji Sup) came to visit Joo Eun (played by Shin Min Ah) a year after the car accident. Young Ho went through physical treatment for a year and was healed.  After having a welcoming embrace, Joo Eun was afraid that Young Ho would disappear and wouldn't let him leave her sight.

The two people went to Joo Eun's house and even when Joo Eun was working, she kept on looking at Young Ho, afraid that he would go somewhere.  Then, Joo Eun ended up crying. Young Ho hugged Hye Ah Ri warmly and thought about how tough she must've had it for the last year.

Young Ho said, "The things that I did to go to you for over a year, people call that a miracle. But for me, you're a miracle and healing." He said.

Meanwhile, "Oh My Venus" Kang Joo Eun (played by Shin Min Ah) plays the role of a workaholic lawyer who has no regard for her body. She gains a lot of weight and being overweight and unattractive, she meets Kim Young Ho (played by So Ji Sup) a renowned personal trainer.  The two fall in love as a romantic comedy.

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