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IU And Lee Jun Ki Confirmed For 35-Episode 'Moon Lovers'

BY Julie Jones | Jan 04, 2016 07:38 AM EST


The upcoming drama "Moon Lovers" has gathered an impressive cast with recent confirmations that singer-actress IU and actor Lee Jun Ki will take the leading roles. The cast also includes actors Kang Ha Neul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo, Hong Jong Hyun and EXO's Baekhyun. The latest reports say that actor Sung Dong Il is also discussing the final details of appearing in the time travel drama as a general.

"Moon Lovers" will be a k-drama adaptation of the Chinese novel "Starting With Each Step." A previous Chinese drama version starring Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi was very popular and boosted both their careers. According to the Korean media outlet TV Report, the drama is expected to be 35 episodes long.

It may take 35 episodes to tell the story because it is a complicated plot. "Moon Lovers" not only involves time travel but a palace full of princes, most of whom want the throne for their own. They will fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs.

In the original novel, a modern woman has a car accident that sends her back in time to the days of the Qing Dynasty. She's trapped in the body of an aristocrat's daughter. Her sister is a concubine in the  emperor's palace so she meets the royal family and becomes a royal lady in waiting.

The emperor has 14 sons, which is why the cast needed so many handsome k-drama actors. Jang Hyo meets them all. She agrees to marry the emperor's eighth son if he gives up his quest for the throne, which she is sure will land him in jail. He won't and it does. There are plenty of romantic and political complications to follow. And more than one prince will be in love with her.

The plot of the k-drama will probably be adapted to feature Korean history. The k-drama version will air in September and be broadcast in Korea and China simultaneously.

Between them the cast members have several critical and popular k-drama hits. IU was last seen in the hit drama "Producer." Lee Jun Ki appeared in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night." Kang Ha Neul appeared in "Misaeng." Nam Joo Hyuk appeared in 'Who Are You - School 2015," Ji Soo in "Angry Mom," and Hong Jung Hyun in "Mama." "Moon Lovers' will be Baekhyun's drama debut.

Kim Kyu Tae, who directed "It's Okay, That's Love," and "That Winter The Wind Blows" will direct "Moon Lovers." Jo Joon Young, who wrote "Save The Dance For Me" is the screenwriter. 

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