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'Oh My Venus' Ends With Happily Ever After But Not Top Ratings

BY Julie Jones | Jan 06, 2016 09:00 AM EST


All's well that ends well. The final episode of "Oh My Venus" had love and babies and happily ever after. The finale had everything that makes for a happy ending except the top spot in the ratings. The viewer ratings were respectable but not the night's top ratings even considering that a drama's finale tends to bump up the numbers.

The series, which debuted with 8.2 percent always commanded decent ratings never managed to break into the double digits. The final episode of the KBS drama rated 8.7 percent, which was 0.3 percent more than the previous episode. But it could not compete with Yoo In Ah's "Six Flying Dragons" at 13.7 percent and Choi Kang Hee's "Glamorous Temptation," which earned 11.1 percent.

In "Oh My Venus," Shin Min Ah played the newly fit lawyer Kang Joo Eun and So Ji Sub played world famous trainer John Kim/Kim Young Ho, who was also secretly a chaebol.

The couple spent time together because she asked him to help her lose weight and get in shape. He diagnosed a thyroid condition that was making it hard for her to lose extra pounds. She worked out and got back in shape. Then they fell in love. But his status as heir to the family fortune and his hidden medical conditions complicated their relationship.

In the end true love won out. He asked for her hand and she accepted.

In the final episode Kang Joo Eun met with Kim Young Ho's grandmother to ask for her blessing on their relationship. His grandmother had been trying to fix him up with a suitable woman. Kang Joo Eun worried that his grandmother might try to break them up and said she would stay with him no matter what. But the grandmother, played by Ban Hyo Jung, gave her blessing in exchange for a big present.

That present was grandchildren and Kang Joo Eun was happy to oblige.

She tried to convince Kim Young Ho but he worried that any of his children might inherit some of his physical problems but she finally assured him that all would be well. She was welcomed into his family's household, which she brightened with her happy personality, and she delivered on her promise of a present. She discovered that she was pregnant with twins.

The romantic comedy had a solid fan base throughout.

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