'Scandal' Jo Jae Hyun Decides To Commit Suicide

Jo Jae Hyun
Park Sang Min

Jo Jae Hyun knelt and apologized to Park Sang Min.

On the 34th episode of MBC weekend drama "Scandal" Soo Young (played by Han Geu Roo) fell in shock at the fact that Joong Hyuk who had liked her had used one of Tae Ha (played by Park Sang Min)'s people to kill her.

On this day, Myung Geun (played by Jo Jae Hyun) went to Tae Ha and knelt down, saying that he was wrong and that he would do whatever Tae Ha asked him to do.  Tae Ha said, "Don't say what you don't mean" and felt emptiness at the fact that Eun Joong (played by Kim Jae Won) relied not on him but on Myung Geun as his real father.

Tae Ha took Myun Geun up to the rooftop and said, "If you really think you're sorry, then jump here in front of my eyes. You said you'd do anything right? What's the difference between dying now and ten days later? Don't just promise with your mouth but with your actions."

Viewers' attention peaked as Myung Geun hesitated at Tae Ha's words to fall down but thinking that he could end the chain of bad relationships by falling, he turned around and made a determination. 

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