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Filming a kiss scene in a movie is always a challenge, but the kiss scene that Yoo Yeon Suk and Moon Chae Won filmed for "Mood Of The Day" was trickier than most.

In an interview with the Korean media outlet Newsen, Yoo spoke about the way he practiced for the scene.

"We have to practice in advance because it is a movie," said Yoo. "We discussed how we will do this kissing thing and worked on our timing. We also talked about the way our heads would move while we kiss and Moon Chae Won liked it if the left side of her face was shown."

Aside from the usual mechanics of filming the kiss scene the kiss had to be suggestive but not too suggestive. The film is about a one-night stand but older teens can see it.

"The movie house is open to those 15 and above so we had to make the kiss suitable to that age limit," said Yoo. "Our movie is about a one-night-stand but it's not easy to show more than just a kiss. We have to make the audience believe more things happened beyond the kiss. The kiss takes place at the basketball court and turned out more intense than we planned."

In the romantic comedy Moon Chae Won plays Soo Jung, a self-protective girl in a dead-end relationship. She and her boyfriend have been together 10 years but the relationship has run its course. When she hears a friend is getting married, she reconsiders where her relationship and life is headed.

Yoo plays the very self-confident Jae Hyeon. He's a sports agent and likes to make bets.

When Soo Jung takes a business trip to Busan, she sits next to Jae Hyeon. He's attracted to her and somehow they wind up making a bet that ends in a one night stand.

Moon Chae Won's last film was "Love Forecast" with Lee Seung Gi" and she will soon appear in the drama "Goodbye Mr. Black" with Lee Jin Wook.

Yoo Yeon Suk appeared in the 2015 drama "Warm and Cozy" and 2015 films "Perfect Proposal" and "The Beauty Inside." "Mood of the Day" also stars Jo Jae Yoon, Park Min Woo, Lee Yeon Doo and Kang Soo Jin.

The film premieres on January 14.

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