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'Reply 1988' Leads Hyeri To Rack Up Near-Record Endorsement Opportunities

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 14, 2016 11:54 AM EST


Hyeri continues to receive lucrative endorsement opportunities, following the success of tvN's "Reply 1988," increasing by an estimate of 30 percent, since she debuted as pop vocalist in 2010. 

According to a report published by E Daily on January 14, the 21-year-old Girl's Day member will generate approximately 6 million USD (6 billion KRW) for sales centered on products in which she appears as a spokesmodel. 

Since landing the role of Duk Sun, the heroine of the retro-influenced series, "Reply 1988," Hyeri continues to attract attention from advertisers as a bankable celebrity. 

In addition to raising her own profile, Hyeri is attributed to the increased commercial popularity of Girl's Day, the Dream Tea Entertainment pop act she debuted with as the youngest member in September 2010.

E Daily went on to discuss her exclusive contract with Dream Tea, which is expected to expire in May 2016. She is speculated to drive an estimated 30 million USD (30 billion KRW) prior to her contract renewal. 

Hyeri currently appears in 13 commercials, promoting products ranging from mobile applications, instant noodles, athletic wear, and hangover remedies. She is also featured in 15 endorsements with Girl's Day. 

While she garnered acclaim through her participation in the idol group, she received widespread fame through her innocent image as a cast member of the first season of the female version of the military-focused variety program, "Real Men: Special Lady," which premiered in August 2014.

"I overcame the hourly minimum wage," became her tagline, which appealed to both male and female audiences of the program. 

Hyeri has yet to announce her next project, as audiences anticipate the thrilling finale of "Reply 1988," and the revelation of whether Duk Sun will marry Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol), Taek (Park Bo Gum), or another  character. "Reply 1988" concludes on January 16. 

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