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Five Reasons To Watch 'One More Happy Ending'

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 21, 2016 10:33 AM EST


The MBC romantic comedy "One More Happy Ending" premiered on January 20, with a solid episode that captured the appeal of actresses Jang Nara, Yoo In Na, and a cast which includes leading man, Jung Kyung Ho. 

"One More Happy Ending" explores the exploits of four women, Han Mi Mo (Jang Nara), Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Na), Baek Da Jung (You Da In), and Hong Ae Ran (former Jewelry member, Seo In Young), who used to perform with the fictitious K-pop group, Angels. 

Now in their thirties, the women have developed into an unlikely quartet, as they each attempt to achieve happiness through meeting their real-life Prince Charming.

Here are five reasons to watch "One More Happy Ending." 

1. Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho kick off the first episode with hilariously, endearing chemistry. 

Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho deliver realistic romance from their first scenes. Jung previously endeared viewers as Kang Min Ho, an heir with a fractured heart in the jTBC weekend drama, "Falling In Love with Innocence." His chemistry with Kim So Yeon, who makes a cameo in "One More Happy Ending," sets expectations for the series. 

While she has a strong pan-Asian fan base, Jang Nara won the hearts of international drama enthusiasts with her endearing portrayal of Kim Mi Young in the 2014 hit, "Fated to Love You," where she appeared opposite Jang Hyuk. 

2. Yoo In Na has been typecast as the frosty second female lead, but she has the potential to shine as a frumpy, elementary school teacher. 

Yoo In Na is often typecast as a witchy, second lead, particularly after her successful execution of Kang Se Ri in "The Greatest Love" and Yoo Se Mi in "My Love from the Star." The portrayal of an elementary school instructor in "One More Happy Ending" has the potential to reinvigorate her image. 

3. 'One More Happy Ending' premiered with a premise that is like a lighthearted version of the 'I Need Romance' franchise. 

Few K-Dramas have examined the plights of women in their 30s like the "I Need Romance," series. However, the premiere of "One More Happy Ending" captured the essence of the frustrations experienced by divorcees, women who have abandoned the notion of love, and those who are willing to achieve happiness at the expense of their former friends. 

4. Dramas that focus on the exploits of Korean pop stars are often bolstered by solid original soundtracks and Jang Nara is an accomplished vocalist. 

Jang Nara initially debuted in 2001 as a soloist, after training with SM Entertainment. She later signed to Warner Music Korea and is credited with three Chinese-language pop albums. 

With its introductory soundtrack of the sugary, bubblegum sound of the early '00s, "One More Happy Ending" could endear itself to K-pop fans. 

5. 2NE1's Sandara Park (Dara) embodies the dark side of celebrity with her cameo of a spoiled K-pop idol-turned-actress. 

Sandara Park takes the concept of a snooty idol group member to another level, as she verbally bashes the members of the fictitious act Angels, in "One More Happy Ending." In her cameo role, she takes the persona she delivered in her "Producer" guest appearance to another level. 

"I'm the center and you guys are just backup dancers," said Seul Ah, in an argument which preempted an after-concert fight.

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