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'Signal' First Contact Between Jo Jin Woong And Lee Je Hoon

BY Christine Han | Jan 23, 2016 12:36 AM EST

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In "Signal" Jo Jin Woong of the past and Lee Je Hoon of the present successfully talked to each other.

On the first episode of tvN Friday/Saturday episode "Signal" broadcast on Jan. 22nd, Jae Han (played by Jo Jin Woong) and Hye Young (played by Lee Je Hoon) talked to each other through a radio that they had found.

These people had been connected to each other in an elementary school student kidnapping incident where there were only three days left in the statute of limitations. Jae Han was the detective that had taken control of this investigation and the only person who had been a witness.

With that, Jae Han started the investigation by saying that the culprit was not a man but a woman. In addition, Jae Han had found the body of the person who was thought of as the culprit.  In addition, when Jae Han talked to Hae Young over the walkie talkie, he lost his mind and said, "Why aren't you allowing me to come here? What had happened here?

After finding that there were no batteries in the walkie talkie, Hae Young was completely shocked. With that, Jae Han went to the place that the others had talked about.

Meanwhile, "Signal" is a scientific fiction drama featuring detectives form the present and a detective from the past who are communicating through walkie talkie.  With that, they resolve mysteries of unsolved cases.

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