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How To Spend The Weekend With Jung Il Woo

BY Julie Jones | Jan 26, 2016 12:41 PM EST


Do you have plans for the weekend? If not you could spend it with Jung Il Woo. Probably not in person, because he is getting ready for his next drama project "Cinderella and the Four Knights."

But he does appear in "High End Crush," a mini-web drama that can easily be watched in one weekend and still leave some time for chores.

The drama has 20 episodes but each is only 15 minutes long so it only takes five hours to watch it. It won't eat up the entire weekend but still seem like having a long date with Jung Il Woo.

In "High End Crush," Jung plays a slightly older if not more mature version of his "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" character. He's a talent agency CEO who is always right but has never fallen in love.

He meets a girl he is sure will be a star but he can't quite explain why. He doesn't know if she can sing or act but he does know that she has a certain something that's very appealing. And also she is not afraid of him. He's surrounded by people who are in awe of his skill at picking out stars. They never argue with him, but they do secretly hate him.

Jin Se Yeon plays the girl who lives in the mountains and has no desire to be a celebrity. He finds that he will do anything to convince her that she must be a star, even if that includes helping her with the laundry.

And should you have more hours to devote to the actor and feel up to a real marathon, there are so many dramas to choose from. He was the wistful confused angel of death in "49 Days." He played a self-sacrificing prince in love in "Moon Embracing The Sun" and Yoon Sang Hyun's romantic rival in "Take Care of The Lady."

Jung's role "High End Crush" devotes much screen time to what he does best as an actor, playing a man falling in love and not quite realizing what is happening.

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