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K-Dramas To Watch In February 2016

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 28, 2016 03:01 PM EST


The highly anticipated action series, "Descendants of the Sun," will finally hit airwaves on February 24.

The KBS2 drama pairs Song Joong Ki (A Werewolf Boy, Nice Guy) with Song Hye Kyo (That Winter, The Wind Blows) for a landmark blockbuster that could set the standard for post-production filming.

Song Joong Ki is Yoo Shi Jin, a captain who is tasked with leading a UN peacekeeping mission in a perilous foreign territory.

Song Hye Kyo portrays Kang Mo Yeon, a physician who becomes embroiled with the military envoy and Shi Jin, as a member of Doctors Without Borders.

Kim Ji Won, who captured the attention of drama viewers with her portrayal of Rachel Yoo in "The Heirs," is Yoon Myung Joo.

Notable film star Jin Goo (The Admiral: Roaring Currents) rounds out the central cast as Seo Dae Young while SHINee's Onew appears in a supporting role as Lee Chi Hoon.

"Descendants of the Sun" is slated for a 16-episode run in the Wednesday-Thursday 9:55 KST time slot currently occupied by "The Merchant Gaekju 2015."

Acclaimed K-pop soloist and actor, Rain, returns to television in the SBS series, "Please Come Back, Mister."

In his first role since the well-received Chinese drama, "Diamond Lovers," Rain is Lee Hae Joon, a man who literally works himself to death, before receiving the opportunity to return to the realm of the living as a handsome person.

Former girl group member-turned-actress, Oh Yeon Seo (Shine or Go Crazy), Hong Nan. Lee Ming Jung (Cunning Single Lady) appears as Shin Da Hye, her first role since motherhood.

Former Miss Korea Lee Ha Nui (Honey Lee) and Choi Won Yo (Twenty Again) round out the main cast.

"Please Come Back, Mister" faces off against "Descendants of the Sun," premiering on February 24 in the Wednesday-Thursday 9:55 p.m. KST time slot.

Teen actress Kim So Hyun (Who Are You: School 2015) appears opposite bad boy heartthrob, Ji Soo (Angry Mom), in the three-episode KBS special, "Page Turner."

Kim So Hyun is Yoo Seul, a piano prodigy who is relentlessly driven to succeed by her mother while Ji Soo portrays Jung Cha Sik, her close friend who helps her overcome the setbacks she experiences from a tragic accident.

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