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Five K-Drama Actors Name Their Idols

BY Julie Jones | Feb 01, 2016 12:34 PM EST


Lee Min Ho is a mega-star, with success both on the small screen and in film. His dramas include  "Boys Over Flowers," "City Hunter," "Personal Taste" and "The Heirs." His first film, "Gangnam Blues" broke records at the box office and next year he can be seen in the film "The Bounty Hunters."

He has plenty of fans, but which actor does he admire? Which star inspires him to deliver his best performance?

That star is Kim Rae Won, Lee's  "Gangnam Blues" co-star. He told the Korean media outlet Star1 that his admiration for Kim Rae Won predates their working together.

"Kim Rae Won was in my first management agency," said Lee. "He was a senior colleague who had this aura that made me happy just being able to see him. Even now he's a good brother and senior colleague to me. I think it is a great experience to be able to work with Kim Rae Won after all these years."

Kim Rae Won can be seen next year in the film "Revival."

Kim Go Eun, who currently stars in the drama "Cheese in the Trap" with Park Hae Jin, admires actress Jeon Do Yeon, the star of the film "Shameless." After they worked together on the film "Memories of the Sword," she liked Jeon even more.

"I realized what a very charming person she is as an actress and a woman," said Kim Go Eun in an interview with the news outlet Naver TV. "When I was not focused she would graciously help set me straight."

Yoo Seung Ho is a fan of film actor Ahn Sung Kee. In an interview with Asia Today, Yoo Seung Ho said that he respects Ahn Sung Kee's abilities to play different roles and submerge himself into the various characters he plays. In 2016 Ahn can be seen this year in the film "Trot." ln 2015, he appeared in "Last Knights." Yoo currently stars in the melodrama "Remember."

Kim Sae Ron is only 15 but she's already an accomplished  actress with recent roles in "Can You Hear My Heart?" "Glamorous Temptation" and "The Queen's Classroom." Her role model is actress Lee Young Ae, soon to make her k-drama comeback in 'Saimdang: The Herstory."

"She has charms that cannot be expressed with words," said Kim Sae Ron in an interview with the Korean media outlet The Celebrity. "Elegance, beauty, intelligence. Her acting skills don't even need explaining. Her unique aura fills each picture and scene she is in."

Kim Sae Ron is currently focusing on her studies, but he will return to acting soon with the aim of becoming more like her idol.

Seo Kang Joon is attracting attention for his portrayal of the second lead Baek In Ho in "Cheese in the Trap." He has in the past mentioned Yoo Ah In as his inspiration. He was really excited to find his name in an article about younger actors alongside his idol Yoo Ah In.

"There is a reason why I felt so honored," said Seo. "It was because my name was up there with Yoo Ah In. Ever since I started acting, Yoo Ah In was my role model. I started to watch Yoo Ah In's 'Secret Love Affair." Before I finished watching I couldn't help but say, 'Of course, he's amazing.' I think he is a senior who is worthy to be respected. I want to be an actor like him."

It's nice to know these k-drama stars are fans too.

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