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Lee Min Jung Is Happy To Be Acting Again

BY Julie Jones | Feb 03, 2016 10:29 AM EST


Lee Min Jung is excited to be back at work and hopes the next year will be a busy one. Her last drama role was two years ago, playing a woman who regretted ditching her ex in "Cunning Single Lady." The actress is already back at work on the set of "Please Come Back Mister."

She was recently interviewed by High Cut magazine and spoke about her happiness at acting again.

"I was getting nervous because I've not been working on a set for a while," said Lee. "But once I started working I became used to it quickly."

The longer she waited to get back to work the harder it might have been.

"If I had not accepted this offer, then it would have become harder to select a role as time passed by. Taking the first step is always hard. That's why I started to film exactly on January 1 this year."

Lee hopes that 2016 will be a busy year for her and that this role is the first of many. She took two years off from dramaland because she spent time in the U.S. with her husband, actor Lee Byung Hun. She also gave birth to the couple's first child in March 2015.

In "Please Come Back Mister" Lee plays Shin Da Hye, a model wife. When her husband dies she goes back to work at a department store and has a second chance at love. She falls for the store's manager, Lee Hae Joon, played by Rain.

But he's not really who everyone thinks he is. The person she falls for may look like the dorky manager that everyone knows but his body is currently being inhabited by someone else, a man who died after working himself to death. The recently deceased died right after he organized a major sale in the department store and there is a lot he left undone. He gets to return to earth in another man's body. With this second chance and has seven days to make things right. The drama is based on the Japanese novel "Mr. Tsubakiyama Seven Days" by Asada Jiro, which was made into a film in 2006. In the Japanese novel, the person who died comes back in the body of a woman. But in the k-drama version, he gets to be a man. The drama also stars Oh Yeon Seo, Honey Lee, Kim Soo Ro, Choi Won Young, and Kim In Kwon.

The 16-episode drama begins on February 24.

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