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'Remember' Records 16.3 Percent Ratings As Nam Goong Min Faces Justice

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 04, 2016 10:03 AM EST


"Remember" increased its ratings as Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young witnessed the arrest of Nam Goong Min.  

According to the February 4 report published by Nielsen Korea, "Remember" recorded 16.3 percent in nationwide viewership with episode 15. This was an increase of 0.7 percent from its previous episode. 

The SBS legal drama opened with a drug party where Nam Gyu Man (Nam Goong Min) and his wealthy conglomerate heir associates attempted to revel in debauchery.

The festivities abruptly ended, after Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) reported illegal activities to the authorities, but Gyu Man was able to escape from apprehension after he was aided by his sister, prosecutor Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Sung).

Yeo Kyung discovered the disturbing secrets surrounding her brother and the four-year-old murder case which wrongly led to the conviction of Seo Jae Hyuk (Jun Kwang Ryul).

With evidence mounting against Gyu Man, Jin Woo revealed his concerns about his early onset Alzheimer's and deteriorating memory to Lee In Ah (Park Min Young). 

The episode concluded with strengthened alliances between attorney Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong) and Jin Woo, as they collaborated to aid the prosecution in creating a strong case against Gyu Man through his involvement in a previously closed rape investigation. 

The KBS2 period drama, "The Merchant Gaekju 2015," continued with double-digit ratings, recording 11.2 percent.

MBC's romantic comedy, "One More Happy Ending, placed last but the series continues to attract viewers.

The fifth episode of the series recorded 6.5 percent in nationwide viewers as Han Mi Mo (Jang Nara) discovered the reasons why Goo Hae Joon (Kwon Yeol) was divorced. After several lackluster dates, she approached his former wife, who revealed his inability to passionately express love. 

While her outings with Hae Joon remained tepid, she experienced several steamy exchanges with her next door neighbor and childhood friend, Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho). 

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