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Five Fun Facts About Lee Je Hoon

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 07, 2016 03:58 PM EST


Lee Je Hoon has an impressive résumé of Korean film roles and he is now attracting attention from international drama fans through his portrayal of Park Hae Young, a detective who can channel a deceased investigator in the tvN crime series, "Signal." 

In "Signal," the 31-year-old actor, who previously worked with popular stars including Suzy (Gu Family Book), appears opposite acclaimed actress, Kim Hye Soo (Coin Locker Girl). 

Through its incorporation of real-life cases, including the serial-killer investigation that served as the basis of "Gap Dong", "Signal" continues to draw in viewership, with the series emerging as the most-viewed weekend series on cable television. 

Here are five fun facts about "Signal" star, Lee Je Hoon.

1. He romanced Miss A's Suzy in "Architecture 101" and appeared with Kang So Ra in the musical flick, "My Paparoti." 

Lee Je Hoon garnered acclaim through his chemistry with Miss A's Suzy in the 2012 movie, "Architecture 101." He imparted nostalgia as the past version of Lee Sung Min, a young man who attends architecture school with his neighborhood crush.

In "My Paparoti," he embraced the role of Jang Ho, a teenage gangster who overcomes adversity, in his pursuit to become a classically-trained vocalist. 

2. He almost pursued a career in biotechnology before catching the acting bug. 

Lee Je Hoon was a biotechnology major at Korea University, before transferring to Korea National University School of the Arts. 

3. Before achieving commercial acclaim, he appeared in more than 18 indie and student films. 

His credits range from a racy role in the short film, "Just Friends?" to a supporting role as a hanbok maker in the erotic flick, "The Servant." 

4. Lee Je Hoon, Yoo Ah In were co-stars in "Fashion King" and have portrayed another controversial role, outside of the series. 

Lee appeared as the Crown Prince Sado, a royal who was unable to ascend to the throne after he was brutally murdered by his father, King Yeongjo, in "Secret Door." Yoo later portrayed the Crown Prince Sado in the critically-acclaimed film, "The Throne." 

5. He portrays a detective in "Signal" but served as a real-life member of Seoul Metropolitan Police, during his military service. 

Lee served with the riot police division of Seoul Metropolitan Police, before portraying a violent crimes investigator in "Signal." 

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