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Why Song Ji Hyo Is Constantly Involved In 'Running Man' Dating Rumors

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 07, 2016 06:02 PM EST


Song Ji Hyo is one of the only female stars to regularly appear as a fixed cast member on the myriad of Korean variety shows.

As the only woman in the seven-member cast, the 34-year-old actress is frequently at the center of dating rumors involving her "Running Man" co-stars. 

The latest claim to circle the internet involved the actress and Kim Jong Kook, who are popularly referred to by the on-screen couple name, SpartAce. 

According to an article published by TV Report on February 6, Song and the former Turbo member were the subjects of an unfounded blog post that proclaimed their upcoming marriage.

A blog post titled, "Running Man's Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo in Love, Marriage, They Should Be Congratulated" went viral after it was published, but was unsubstantiated by representatives for both stars.

The article purported to be a factual testimony of a real-life relationship involving the celebrities but was denounced by TV Report.

"The article started from a rumor that was not yet reported, but spread like [wild fire]," said the writer for TV Report. 

Song has also been the center of dating rumors involving her co-star Gary, with whom she regularly appears as part of the "Monday Couple."  

Both Song and Gary have repeatedly denied the claims, with the LeeSang rapper providing a concise statement about their relationship in August 2015, following photos that depicted them holding hands in a Chinese airport. 

During a broadcast of SBS' "Healing Camp," Gary provided a heartfelt explanation as to why he and Song have never dated in real-life.

"Aside from the broadcasts, there has not been one time when we contacted each other about our feelings," said Gary. 

He went on to explicate about the difficulties in being paired with the actress, particularly during times when he realized that she may be personally interested in an activity or subject. 

"When you have a love line for that long, there are things that one learns about a person when you ask, 'Ji Hyo has this side of her," said Gary. 

While dating rumors involving the "Monday Couple" or SpartAce" have never been confirmed, Song recently ended her public relationship with the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment. 

In February 2012, the variety star confirmed her relationship with the C-JeS executive, after the pair was outed by an investigative report published by Dispatch.

Song later announced her breakup with the agency and its CEO, in July 2015.

She will join Taiwanese actor, Chen Bolin, in the latest installment of the Chinese adaptation of "We Got Married." 

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