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Nine K-Drama And K-pop Stars Who Will Have Luck In The Year Of The Monkey

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 09, 2016 10:43 AM EST


February 8 marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the joyous holiday which is known by Koreans as Seollal.

The Year of the Sheep may be over, K-pop and K-Drama stars born in the Year of the Monkey are poised for 12-months of success. 

While there are numerous stars who were born in 1980 and 1992, are seven Korean celebrities who will have luck in the Year of the Monkey.

Kim Tae Hee March 29, 1980 

Kim Tae Hee experienced meteoric success in 2015 with her portrayal of Han Yeo Jin, a comatose heiress who awakens with a vengeful streak in the SBS' hit, "Yong Pal." The real-life girlfriend of K-pop superstar Rain continues to deny marriage rumors, but the Year of the Monkey promises to be another bountiful period for the powerhouse couple. 

Jin Goo July 20, 1980 

Jin Goo is on the precipice of his first major Korean drama comeback, following his starring role in the 2013 series, "Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek." He kicks off The Year of the Monkey as Seo Dae Young in the KBS2 action drama, "Descendants of the Sun." 

Lee Dong Gun July 26, 1980

Lee Dong Gun met his real-life girlfriend, Park Ji Yeon of T-ARA during the filming of the Korean-Chinese co-production, "Encounter." The movie promises to deliver his best on-screen chemistry to-date.

Kim Ji Won October 19, 1992 

Kim Ji Won may have appeared in "Gap Dong" and "Hidden Identity," but she continues to be recognized by international drama fans for her portrayal of Rachel Yoo in the 2013 teen series, "The Heirs." She returns to Korean television in the highly anticipated KBS series, "Descendants of the Sun." 

 EXO's Baekhyun May 6, 1992 

September 2015 marked the end of contentious SM couple, Baekhyun and Taeyeon, but he followed the breakup by making musical magic with Suzy on the hit duet, "Dreams." 

This could be his luckiest year to date as the EXO member prepares for his first major K-Drama role in "Moon Lovers." 

EXO's Chanyeol November 27, 1992 

Chanyeol led the members of EXO in the 2015 Naver TV Cast web drama, "EXO Next Door," much to the delight of adoring fans. He delivered a notable film debut as Min Sung in the endearing family comedy, Salut d'Amor and is poised to take back with silver screen in the Korean-Chinese "So I Married My Anti-Fan," opposite Seohyun of Girls' Generation.

EXO's Chen September 21, 1992 

Chen received acclaim beyond EXO through his performance in the Korean musical adaptation of "In the Heights." The Year of the Monkey could mark his transition from the stage to other acting opportunities. 

Go Ah Sung August 10, 1992 

Go Ah Sung recently returned to film opposite ZE:A's Siwan in "A Melody to Remember." A muse of acclaimed auteur Bong Joon Ho, she won the hearts of high-brow international critics through her role in the dark 2015 melodrama, "Office."  

INFINITE's L March 13, 1992 

L (Kim Myung Soo) appeared in a small role in the romantic comedy, "The Time We Were Not In Love," as a young man who created a heartbreaking situation for heroine Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won).

He returns to acting with a meatier role in the 2016 film, "Mr. Shark." 

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