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Five K-Drama Actors Who Are The New Romantic Comedy Kings

BY Julie Jones | Feb 08, 2016 08:17 AM EST


With only a few days left to Valentine's Day, it's time to highlight a few k-drama actors that recently qualified to be called the kings of romance.

There are more than a few veteran k-drama lovers, but here are five actors who took their romantic talents up a notch in the past year.

Sung Joon can pretty much be called the king of romantic comedies this year. Taking time out for a villain role in "Hyde Jekyll and I," the past few years have seen him star in several romantic comedies, including "I Need Romance 3," "Discovery of Love" "High Society," and now "Madam Antoine." His self-conscious charm always gets the girl even if he does not always keep her. Even when he's playing a jerk, he can't help but hint at a vulnerable, tender side.

Jung Kyung Ho solidified his place in the Romance Hall of Fame with his conquest of Kim So Yeon in "Falling for Soon Jung" and his neighborly crush on Jang Na Ra in the currently running drama "One More Happy Ending." In the latter romantic comedy, he's sweetly protective of his next door neighbor and former classmate, played by Jang, even before he realizes how he really feels about her.

Park Bo Gum first appeared on the radar of many romance lovers when he kissed Hyeri in "Reply 1988. The actor later said that he tried to pretend he was nonchalant while filming the kiss scene but that he felt shy. It was, perhaps, his shyness that gave the scene such sweet appeal. The 22-year-old actor has appeared in the hit film "The Admiral: Roaring Currents," as well as the dramas "Cantabile Tomorrow" and "I Remember You," but from now on, he may be offered romantic comedy leads.

It's not the first time that Choi Si Won made hearts flutter, either in dramas and as a member of Super Junior, but the character he played in "She Was Pretty," deserves a special place in the affection of  romance fans. With any luck, that role will hopefully result in a few more romantic comedy roles. Viewers loved that his quirky writer character accepted Hwang Jung Eum's character for exactly who she was, frizzy hair, rosacea, white socks and all. Doesn't everyone want a man who accepts them for exactly who they are? It's a romantic notion.

Seo Kang Joon romanced Lee Min Jung in "Cunning Single Lady" and now he's trailing Kim Go Eun in "Cheese in the Trap." Whenever her character Hong Seol is in trouble, Seo's character Baek in Ho shows up and comes to her rescue. Not that she asked him to. But she's often grateful. Baek In Ho is there with a band-aid and a fist, whatever the situation requires. Like a devoted kid brother.

Tender, protective, sincere, accepting and  supportive, these are all the romantic qualities that k-drama fans love in their heroes.

These actors are only as romantic as the characters they play but some hint of personality always shines through. Any other k-drama actors you think hit a romantic high note this year?

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