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Lee Jong Suk Returns Fans' Love By Making Unicef Donation

BY Julie Jones | Feb 08, 2016 09:31 AM EST


Actor Lee Jong Suk has been helping children through the international charity organization UNICEF.

According to the Korean media outlet Dispatch, the actor donated $165,800 to the charity on February 8. The money was given to the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

The star of "PInocchio," "I Hear Your Voice" and "Doctor Stranger," explained his reasons for making the donation.

"I want to return a small portion of the huge amount of love I receive from the fans," he told Dispatch. "Moving forward, I won't forget the warm feelings that come from working with children who experience hardships."

About half of his donation will be used to help the children of migrant workers and Koreans living in other countries.

The other half will be sent to the Chinese UNICEF office,  where it will be used to improve schools in China's mountainous regions.

The actor helped the charitable organization raise funds by modeling for them. On January 29 he announced his decision to volunteer model for the Line X Unicef Brown Edition. The plush bear was produced by Line Friends and UNICEF. As a model, he took a picture dressed in a hoodie with the UNICEF logo. He was holding Brown the bear, which could be purchased online.

"It was a pleasure to participate in such a meaningful photo shoot with Brown, the kind and cute bear," he told the media outlet BNT News. "I will continue to take interest in activities that help children around the world."

Proceeds from the sale of the bear help UNICEF aid underprivileged children around the world.

Lee Jong Suk can next be seen in the Korean-Chinese drama "Jade Lover." The fantasy romance concerns the jewelry business and two rich Chinese heirs. Lee plays the second son of a family in the jewelry business. The drama films in China. It will be a chance for Lee to work with director Jin Hyuk again. Jin directed "Prosecutor Princess" and "Doctor Stranger."

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