'Cinderella And The Four Knights' Has Successful First Script Reading

Jung Il Woo
Park So Dam
Lee Jung Shin
Choi Min
Son Na Eun

The first script reading has taken place for the upcoming drama "Cinderella and the Four Knights"  and filming will soon begin. As is the case with an increasing number of dramas, this romantic comedy will be be  filmed completely before it airs.

Actors Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun, Park So Dam, CNBLUE's Lee Jung Shin, Choi Min  and A Pink's Son Na In are among the actors that showed up for the first script reading. The actors worked well together and the drama production company considered the reading to be a success.  

HB Entertainment, which produced "Yong Pal" and "You Who Came From The Stars," is producing "Cinderella and the Four Knights."  An HB Entertainment representative spoke to the Korean media outlet XSports News and said that the first script reading went well.

"All the actors and staff greeted each other warmly and we successfully ended the script reading with much anticipation."

In the drama, Park So Dam plays Eun Ha Won, a hardworking student with a less-than-ideal home life. She lucks into a great living arrangement after being nice to an elderly man who turns out to be a corporate chairman.

Eun Ha Won not only gets to live in luxury but she lives there with four attractive young men, three of whom are cousins. They're the grandsons of the man she helped.

There's Ahn Jae Hyun, who played a vampire in "Blood." He's taken the role of Kang Hyun Min, the most spoiled of the cousins and a player.

Jung Il Woo, who recently appeared in the web drama "High End Crush," plays Kang Ji Woon, a sensitive rebel. He's an heir but he has not grown up accustomed to the finer things in life.

CNBLUE's Lee Jung Shin was last seen on the small screen in "Temptation," playing Park Ha Sun's kid brother. In this drama, he's Kang Seo Woo, the cousin a mom would prefer you date. He's talented, handsome and an all-around nice guy. He's neither spoiled nor rebellious.

One of  Park So Dam's knights is actually a bodyguard, assigned to protect the cousins and the house. Choi Min, who appeared in "Yong Pal" and "Riders: Catch Tomorrow," plays the Lee Yoon Sung, the very protective bodyguard.

A Pink's Son Na plays Park Hi Ji, a girl who likes Ahn Jae Hyun's character. Since Jung Il Woo's character likes her, she'll use him to get close to his cousin. Son Na Eun played Oh Hye Me in "Twenty Again." 

The 16-episode drama is based on a two-part web novel by Baek Myo. The drama does not yet have a set air date but is expected to air during the first half of 2016.

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